Vintage Victorian New Years Angel


Here’s a lovely Vintage Victorian New Years Angel Postcard.  Enjoy!

New Years Clocks Vintage Victorian Greeting Card


This is a really fun anthropomorphic New Years Greeting Card of Alarm clocks.  It’s just so goofy and whimsical I had to include this one.  Enjoy

Vintage Victorian Man &Woman with Champagne New Years Postcard Image


I like all the good luck images included in this postcard the Horseshoe, the Four leaf clovers, the Dove I imagine would represent peace.  I also wonder if the flowers themselves have any specific meaning because in Victorian times different flower bouquets had different meanings.

Happy New Year Vintage Victorian Postcard Image


This is a lovely Victorian Happy New Year Postcard with a Antique Car that has been adorned with flowers.

Vintage Victorian Man and Woman Toasting New Years Postcard


I think this Victorian Gentleman wants to get “jiggy” with this gal.  He’s definitely got an agenda going on! LOL

New Years Kittens playing with a Slot Machine


This is a lovely Victorian image of a New Years Card with Kittens playing what I think is a slot machine?  If

anyone happens to know different please shoot me a line and let me know.  Happy New Year All

Ring in the New Year…

new year bells

With this awesome vintage New Years Card image! It’s a keeper!