12×12 inch Valentines Scrapbook Paper Collage

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This is a 12×12 inch Valentine’s Scrapbook Paper Collage that I designed.  I hope you find a great project to use it in!

Vintage Valentine Girl Daughter with Kitten

LittleGirlValentineDaughterThis is a adorable Vintage Valentine of a little girl (Daughter) with a kitten washing dishes.   It’s so sweet.  I hope you enjoy it!

Vintage Valentines Day Image of Husband with Dog


There’s something really sweet and wonderful about this card.  It just takes me back to what I think it would have been like in the 40s-50s and I remember as a little girl seeing my grandfather dressed just like this man only older.  I hope you enjoy this one!

Valentine Pillow Box Printout

ValentinePillowboxTemplate copyThis is a Valentine Pillow Box that I drew and designed for you to print out and make.  You can use it to put valentine candy in it, like m&ms and Hershey Kisses.  You could also use this for a gift card or jewelry too. Enjoy!

Smart Looking Blue Bird Vintage Valentine

BirdyValentineVintageThis little bluebird is Puttin’ on the Ritz here in this adorable little vintage valentine!  Hope you will enjoy it!

Valentines’ 12×12 Inch Scrapbook Paper Number 1


Believe it or not Valentines Day is just a little over a month away so I decided to start posting my Valentine Scrapbook Papers I’ve created.

They are sized to standard scrapbook page size 12 x12 but you can also use them to make all kinds of Valentines Crafts and cards.  This is the only place you will find these paper designs.  Enjoy!

Visit Mexico Vintage Travel Poster

VisitMexicoI think this vintage travel poster for Mexico is just divine!  It’s so colorful and the illustration execution is amazing.  It’s a 5 star image for sure!  Enjoy!