Valentine’s Day Clowns! Vintage Victorian Postcard

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This little gem of a card is just too wonderful!, I just love these Jester Valentine Children that just make me happy!  I hope you will enjoy them too!

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cafepressWhimsical Hearts Valentine

Vintage Valentine Girl Daughter with Kitten

LittleGirlValentineDaughterThis is a adorable Vintage Valentine of a little girl (Daughter) with a kitten washing dishes.   It’s so sweet.  I hope you enjoy it!

Vintage Valentine Inspired Illustration I drew in Illustrator


This is a illustration I drew in Illustrator over the weekend.  It is inspired by the 40s-50s Children’s Valentines that are given out in

grade school to classmates.  I have very fond memories of those school days giving and getting these

adorable valentines.  I just wish I had kept them. 😦  I hope you will find some fun arts and crafts projects to use him in!

Adorable Vintage Cowboy Valentine Image

cowboyvalentineaimingtogetyou copy

This Retro Vintage Cowboy Valentine is just precious!  Enjoy using him in your crafting projects!

Vintage Victorian Children French Postcard



This is such a wonderful Postcard.  The illustration of the little girl is beautifully executed and the handwriting at the bottom in French just adds to the ambiance of the the postcard.  I hope you can find something wonderful to do with this one cause it’s just so charming! Enjoy

Victorian New Years Postcard of Cherub with a Floral Bouquet

New Years Cherub with Flowers

This is a lovely Victorian New Year Postcard of a Cherub with a beautiful floral bouquet!

Victorian New Years Post Card


Here’s a wonderful Victorian New Years Card of a young boy on a Wheel Barrow filled with holly in the snow.  I love it!