New Years Kittens playing with a Slot Machine


This is a lovely Victorian image of a New Years Card with Kittens playing what I think is a slot machine?  If

anyone happens to know different please shoot me a line and let me know.  Happy New Year All

Vintage Victorian Cat in US Mail Pouch Christmas Postcard


Here’s a really cute Vintage Victorian Christmas Postcard of a Kitty in a mail pouch with all the Christmas

cards that need to be delivered.  It’s so adorable you gotta luv it! Happy Holidays

Retro Vintage Christmas Kitten Gift Tags

XmasKittenGiftTagsHere are some super cute Christmas Kitten gift tags that I made from a greeting card.  I sized them to fit onto a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet so you can print them out easily.  I hope you enjoy them!