Vintage Valentine Girl Daughter with Kitten

LittleGirlValentineDaughterThis is a adorable Vintage Valentine of a little girl (Daughter) with a kitten washing dishes.   It’s so sweet.  I hope you enjoy it!

New Years Kittens playing with a Slot Machine


This is a lovely Victorian image of a New Years Card with Kittens playing what I think is a slot machine?  If

anyone happens to know different please shoot me a line and let me know.  Happy New Year All

Sweet Christmas Kittens!


Here are some adorable vintage Victorian Christmas kittens curiously looking at the holly.  They are just so wonderful.

Happy Holidays!

Little Girl with Christmas Kitten Victorian Postcard

I just love the red bow in this little girl’s hair with her pretty red and white polka dot dress

with matching red Mary Jane shoes.    It’s so classic!