A Peaceful Thanksgiving

I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful Victorian Card and find some neat crafting projects to use it in!

Thanksgiving Menu

Here’s a image that I included with the original text and then another image if you want to put in your own.

The Pie Thief!

This little gal can’t wait for Thanksgiving to get her hands on one of mommy’s pumpkin pies!  Frankly I don’t blame her.  🙂

Say! won’t he taste goody good!

The saying on the bottom left hand side just cracks me up!

Yes he will taste goody good!

Pilgram Woman Making Pie

This is such a lovely image of a Pilgram woman making a Pie and other preparations for a Thanksgiving Feast.  Enjoy find fun things to do with it! 🙂

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a wonderful image of a family getting ready to sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner.  I just really love this postcard because I think so many families don’t take time to sit down to the table and have a meal together on a regular basis.   My sincere hope is that on Thanksgiving all families take the time to sit and give thanks.   Being together with friends &  family during the holidays is such a special time,and a blessing for those lucky enough to be able to be together.   I never want to take those special moments forgranted.

Turkey Ride

This image just cracks me up!  Who woulda thought to take a Turkey -n- Buggy ride?

What a hoot!