Victorian Gentlemen Black and White Image

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Here is a lovely black and white drawing of two Victorian gentlemen that may be used for Scrapbooking, mixed media art, and creating Art Trading Cards.  Enjoy


Vintage Valentines Day Image of Husband with Dog


There’s something really sweet and wonderful about this card.  It just takes me back to what I think it would have been like in the 40s-50s and I remember as a little girl seeing my grandfather dressed just like this man only older.  I hope you enjoy this one!

Visit Mexico Vintage Travel Poster

VisitMexicoI think this vintage travel poster for Mexico is just divine!  It’s so colorful and the illustration execution is amazing.  It’s a 5 star image for sure!  Enjoy!

Vintage Victorian Man &Woman with Champagne New Years Postcard Image


I like all the good luck images included in this postcard the Horseshoe, the Four leaf clovers, the Dove I imagine would represent peace.  I also wonder if the flowers themselves have any specific meaning because in Victorian times different flower bouquets had different meanings.

Vintage Victorian Man and Woman Toasting New Years Postcard


I think this Victorian Gentleman wants to get “jiggy” with this gal.  He’s definitely got an agenda going on! LOL

A White Winter New Year Victorian Postcard


I especially love the people in the snow scene carrying their packages to some wonderful New Year’s party or event.

It’s just a lovely image, Enjoy!

A Peaceful Thanksgiving

I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful Victorian Card and find some neat crafting projects to use it in!