Vintage Victorian New Years Angel


Here’s a lovely Vintage Victorian New Years Angel Postcard.  Enjoy!

New Years Clocks Vintage Victorian Greeting Card


This is a really fun anthropomorphic New Years Greeting Card of Alarm clocks.  It’s just so goofy and whimsical I had to include this one.  Enjoy

Happy New Year 2012!


Each New Year I’m always in awe of how much faster it seems the year has flown by and there is a fresh set of 365 well 366 in this case days ahead of us.  We have a clean slate and the chance to reflect and focus on what we would like to accomplish in the New Year.  As I enter 2012 I remember a Greek quote from the movie “Dead Poets Society”   Robin William’s character is a English Literature professor to a group of young boys and he tells them the Greek quote “Carpe Diem”.  Translated into English it means “Seize the Day”.  He impressed upon them that there are only a finite number of days in their lives and they must not waste a moment.  Time is such a precious commodity.  This quote has always stuck with me and I keep a little pewter bell with wings that says: Times Flys Seize the Day!  hanging over my kitchen sink.  I keep it there to remind myself everyday not to waste time.

It’s interesting to note I got that little bell from an Artist at a Art Fair right after the movie came out almost 20 years ago. I was 28 then and it still feels like yesterday!

So this New Year, my wish is to give those words of wisdom back to my blog followers.  In 2012 make each day your masterpiece and sign it with the words, “Carpe Diem”  You’ll find that this time next year you won’t feel like you lost another year but gained wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  Happy New Year!

Vintage Victorian Man &Woman with Champagne New Years Postcard Image


I like all the good luck images included in this postcard the Horseshoe, the Four leaf clovers, the Dove I imagine would represent peace.  I also wonder if the flowers themselves have any specific meaning because in Victorian times different flower bouquets had different meanings.

Happy New Year Vintage Victorian Postcard Image


This is a lovely Victorian Happy New Year Postcard with a Antique Car that has been adorned with flowers.

Vintage Victorian Man and Woman Toasting New Years Postcard


I think this Victorian Gentleman wants to get “jiggy” with this gal.  He’s definitely got an agenda going on! LOL

New Years Kittens playing with a Slot Machine


This is a lovely Victorian image of a New Years Card with Kittens playing what I think is a slot machine?  If

anyone happens to know different please shoot me a line and let me know.  Happy New Year All