Kitty with Roses


Here’s a pretty Vintage Victorian postcard of a kitten with a bouquet of roses.  I hope you will be able to find something fun to do with it!

Victorian New Years Postcard of Cherub with a Floral Bouquet

New Years Cherub with Flowers

This is a lovely Victorian New Year Postcard of a Cherub with a beautiful floral bouquet!

Pointsettia Illustration by Me :)


Here is a pointsettia Illustration I did in pen and ink and then colorized in Illustrator


Vintage Victorian Christmas Bouquet with Music Box Postcard


I find this imagery really interesting because it really doesn’t represent anything that has to do with Christmas

It is however, a beautiful image and I love the bouquet of flowers with the Music Box.

I guess maybe the images represent Christmas Presents or maybe because it’s

Winter, it was nice to get a photo of a Spring bouquet since there won’t be anymore flowers

until next Spring.  Regardless, I hope you will enjoy using this in your next crafting project! Happy Holidays

3 Floral Graphics

Here are 3 floral images I drew in pen & ink and then colorized.   Enjoy

Click on the image to go to the larger image

Beautiful Botanical Sunflower Image

One of my favorite things about August are the big beautiful mammoth Sunflowers are in peak bloom.  They are so beautiful with their rich yellow petals and their intricate centers that fill up with black and white striped seeds.  So for today’s offering here is a beautiful victorian botanical sunflower for you to use.  Hopefully you can come up with something really cool to make with it! Enjoy!

Victorian Violets with Horseshoe

Here is a beautiful Victorian Image of Violets with a Horseshoe.  I took the image and photo edited it to create a more graphic effect.   Have a great time with this one!