Vintage Valentines Day Image of Husband with Dog


There’s something really sweet and wonderful about this card.  It just takes me back to what I think it would have been like in the 40s-50s and I remember as a little girl seeing my grandfather dressed just like this man only older.  I hope you enjoy this one!

Vintage Valentine Inspired Illustration I drew in Illustrator


This is a illustration I drew in Illustrator over the weekend.  It is inspired by the 40s-50s Children’s Valentines that are given out in

grade school to classmates.  I have very fond memories of those school days giving and getting these

adorable valentines.  I just wish I had kept them. 😦  I hope you will find some fun arts and crafts projects to use him in!

Young Victorian Boy with Fox Hound Post Card Image


This is a lovely Victorian postcard of a young boy with his foxhound.  I love it hope you will too!

Super Cool Retro Snowman with Scottish Terrier Christmas Card


This is just a awesome retro Christmas card!  I totally love the Scottish Terrier in this one!  Happy Holidays!