My Childhood Halloween Memories: Inspired this Haunted House Pen and Ink

Halloween has always been a really fun time of year for me ever since I was a kid.  For me it was all about getting to dress up in a cool costume and going around the neighborhood to get my motherload of candy.  There was this one house that we went to every year that always was the best.  First of all it was a old Victorian house that looked super spooky at night, and the man that lived there like to scare the bejimmies out of little kids.  We called it “The Scary Hand House”  Each year my group of kids would all go up to the door and ring the doorbell.  Then the door would open very slowly and creeky you couldn’t see much because there was only candlelight inside the door.  After a long pregnant pause, a gloved hand came out from behind the door and reached out to grab someone.  Ofcourse the hand missed and we all ran away screaming at the top of our lungs.  Then the owner would laugh call us back and give us our well earned treats in my opinion.  The funny thing was that every year we all knew what was going to happen and every year we all screamed and ran.  I think it was part of the fun of Halloween that you were supposed to get a little scared.   The haunted house I drew here was inspired by that childhood memory.  It’s just spooky enough to be fun so Enjoy!

I did this drawing in pen and ink.  It’s been left in black and white for you to color yourself.   This image would be great for crafting and scrapbooking.  So have fun and Enjoy


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